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Website Review & Guidance

Kudos to you for taking on web design. That's like a really big deal!

Need a little help though? LE30 can help.



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Lingerie Web Design


Here's what's included in your Website Review from LE30:

  • Spelling & Grammar Check

  • Overall Design. Check entire design for good imagery, color scheme and appeal. 

  • Functionality Test. Your site gets put to the test. Buttons are checked for links.  See what's slowing up loading time and learn how you can correct those issues.

  • Flow Check.  User experience has never been more important.  Your site will be checked for its flow and ease of use.  Is it laid out properly and easy on the eyes?

  • SEO Check. How good is your SEO?  Receive tips on how to improve your SEO.


*This service can be turned around in as little as an hour, but up to 48 hours depending on availability.  A report is emailed to you with our feedback as well as pricing for any suggestive improvements to your site.

Web Design


Sometimes you just need a little guidance with the Wix Editor.  Or there's an app that you could use some help with.  Each experience is unique to the results you want to achieve.  You could be stuck on a design aspect of your project and just need some inspiration with a little how-to. LE30 can help.

With this package, LE30 can provide the following:

(3) 40-minute web conference training sessions on topic(s) of your choice.  A completely interactive live instruction.  You ask the questions, and we do our very best to explain things and provide suggestive solutions.

Maybe that's not your thing.  Maybe you prefer emailing or simply just a live human being on the other end of the phone line where you can ask questions pertaining to your website.


* Totally understand that life happens and you may need to postpone your session.  No worries.  One complimentary cancellation is included in your Guidance package.  However, any cancellations thereafter, forfeits a session.

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