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what type of website do you need?

There are a few different types of website designs to choose from, what type of site do you need? Scroll throughout this page to get a good explanation of each type, then make your selection.

landing page

A microsite is a one page website.  Say you have to revamp your site, you don't want people seeing an error or incorrect information, you redirect your site traffic to a landing page.  A page that says, we are under construction.  It let's users know you're still open for business, just working on some new things while maintaining your online presence.

Or perhaps you're running a promotion for a month, you can design a landing page to show all the promo info and have people land there first before entering your website.

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need an
online store?

Do you make jewelry? Are you a fashion designer?  Have something to sell? Sell from your own website.  

Add new products with options easily.  Launch sales campaigns and offer coupons.  You can even invoice your customers all from one dashboard.

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book services

Are you a freelance photographer?  A hair dresser?  A dental office, or maybe you're a personal chef or a carpenter.

Forget about conforming to 3rd party apps. Custom tailor your website to suit your business needs. 

Take appointments online.  Get paid in advance or get a deposit and secure the reservation.  Setup your hours of operation and manage your calendar from anywhere, even your phone.

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are you a blogger?
an influencer?

Wordpress is great and all but not always user friendly and can sometimes limit your potential.  Influence your followers by captivating them with great content.

Invest in yourself. Get a website. Start making money.

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what's Included in these prices?

  • FREE Website Launch Flyer
    Let everyone know about your new website with a digital flyer 

  • Standard Search Engine Optimization
    Get found in search results by choosing your own keywords.

  • Track Analytics
    See who is visiting your site.

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