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How do you find the time to fulfill on orders and manage marketing and billing at the same time? LE30 can create a custom comprehensive startup package that includes everything you need to get started from business registration to launching a grand opening.


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Business Plan & Forms
Business Registration
Logo Design
Web Design & SEO
Business Cards &
Brochure &
Flyer Design
Marketing Plan
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Social Media Management
Product Packaging/Labeling
Promotional Products & Uniforms
Content Creation
Administrative Support

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LE30 is your one stop resource and is here to support you on your journey to success.  Get access to forms, checklists and tips to help guide you and keep you on track.



Starting a new business? You need a logo. A logo is your business’ identity and is at the core of any good brand. The customer needs to identify who you are and what you do.  Your logo paints the detailed picture that tells a potential client: I am what you’re looking for.  I am the solution. Lastly, it distinguishes you from the competition, building recognition.

LE30 can help with that.  Just tell us about your business, tell us about yourself, and the brands’ mission.  LE30 will put together 5 logos, if not more, for you to choose from.  It’s that simple. Turnaround is typically within 48 hours.

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You've got your logo. Now, put it on a business card. A business card is a great tool. Its the most inexpensive "little something to remember me by." All of your information is on there. And if you get really creative you can make your business card serve a dual purpose by offering a coupon on the back of it, potentially driving more customer traffic to your website! 

LE30 can have your cards printed and even setup your email signature for you so branding remains consistent throughout. We can design all of your stationery requirements: letterhead, envelopes, memo pads, personalized greeting cards and more. Just let us know what you need and we'll take care of you.

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*for 500 cards, uncoated


                      SEO SETUP

Enhance your brand and expand your market with a website. With more people walking around carrying a cell phone in their pocket, it makes it easier for them to connect with you. Just like that, your reach just got bigger! A website is your digital stake in the cyber community and a benefit you should totally take advantage of. 

With a website, you can provide live updates. It also automates quite a few tasks that before most of us did manually.  As simple as taking someone's information down has now been replaced by form a user can fill out.  Even that has been automated by the fancy auto-fill feature most of us have on our cell phones, which provides for a seamless experience.  You can accept payments online. Take orders online. Book services online.  And none of them require having a real person on the other end to confirm because that can be automated too.


's website packages include SEO setup.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to your website.  It tells search engines like Google what your site is about, what product or service you're offering and this helps with making sure your site comes up in search results when searching specific keywords that relate to your industry.  

Not having your site optimized is like having cookies without any milk. A total no-no.

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Impress customers with a brochure or flyer.  They're great for educating people - an opportunity to introduce a product or service and the benefits of doing business with you. 


You can use them as mailers.  Take it a step further and throw a QR code on it and make the brochure completely interactive by having readers use their mobile phone to scan the code that takes them to a landing page.  A landing page that is enrolling enough to convert their visit into a sale.


They're great for trade shows. Not everyone will remember your name.  A brochure acts as a physical placeholder for them to refer back to.

Finally, the BONUS of having a brochure or a flyer is that you can always digitize it and email it or post it! 



Social media can be an absolute blessing and a curse. For starters, it's super cost effective because, well,  it's FREE to post. Doesn't get any better than that.  If a post goes viral, the exposure alone can significantly increase brand awareness and boost sales. 

Not to mention, it's a great way to engage with loyal customers and stay in constant communication with them.

The flip side to that is posting can be time consuming as there are multiple outlets (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook) to share posts on. Then there's content.  You have to be strategic about what you post and be socially responsible.  One wrong post and that can work against your brand.  Let LE30 take this on for you.  Let us help you tell your story while you live it!   





Look professional with matching apparel.  Invest in your own brand.  Promotional merchandise is another affordable way to boost brand visibility.  

Branded promotional products are great for giveaways.  Especially if it's something a person could use. If you're a contractor, a branded tape measure with your logo on it, is an appropriate item as it can be utilized by anyone and is industry related. The homeowner, insurance adjuster, even your own crew would be able to utilize it!

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