We love 123 Royalty Free photo house.  They have great imagery and their pricing is great for staying in budget.

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This software is incredibly user friendly.  Not to mention it's online based so you can work from wherever there's internet access. AND it's FREE!

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Scale faster by building your business on Stripe's payment processing platform


Toggl is so easy to use.  That makes tracking time much simpler.  Toggl's reporting look super professional and can be shared with clients.

Here are some tools we thought you could use.

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As the saying goes, "sharing is caring." From us to you, here's a couple of goodies that we use too!

Download a free flyer

FREE graphics

Need graphics but have no budget?  Try a free online photo-house with absolute  beautiful imagery from really talented  and generous photographers

Need a flyer on the go? Try this template from Brandpacks.


If you're starting a business, these 2 templates are a must. Courtesy of SCORE NYC.

Business Plan

Preparation is key to a business' success. A business plan is the best tool for a startup. It drives you to analyze, strategize and follow through. 

Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is essential to a business.  Much like a business plan it provides great direction and insight into your strengths and weaknesses, target audience and competition. 

best apps

Photo Director

Be your own graphic designer on the fly when posting to social media or creating online ads on the fly.  Photo Director is an awesome photo editing app with lots of capability right on your phone. You're welcome!

Word Swag

Engage in a little social media? Are you a do it yourself-er?  Then these apps are for you.  We use these too!

Put some swag in your posts with Word Swag.  This nifty app really brings out the artist in you.  Next thing you know you are posting like a pro!



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