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what's digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is the advertising and promotion of products or services using digital methods. A  good example of this would be a promotional email. With today's technology, there are numerous approaches to digital marketing and within each approach there are many platforms business owners can utilize to engage with their audience in real-time. 


social media


There are people that have built their entire empire solely off the power of a post.  The post is by far the fastest way to update the world. It is indeed a remarkable marketing tool. 

Coming up with creative and captivating content can at times be a challenge. LE30 creates marketing campaigns that speak your brand and create awareness.

LE30 CAN...

  • Create and maintain multiple social media accounts with reporting

  • Design your posts

  • Build your following

  • Get Likes

  • Create social media ads

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search engine optimization

How often do you find yourself looking at the 2nd and 3rd page results of a Google search? Never. Exactly. 

Search Engine Optimization is important to a business' online existence. There are over 30 billion web pages online today.  That's a lot of competition for a small spot.   




Packages offered...

  • Keywords Assignment

  • Pay per Click

  • Backlinks

  • Alt Text Images

  • Local SEO

  • Mobile Optimazation

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Another marketing approach proven to help attract new potential customers is Content Marketing.  Content Marketing is valuable, informative content related to your product/ service geared for your target audience.  It is not a sales gimmick or a sales pitch, but rather useful, helpful information to the reader.  Good content makes you a trusted source as well as provides for good SEO.

Types of Content Marketing:

  • Blogging

  • Infographics/ Checklists

  • Case Studies

  • Social Media Posts

  • Press Releases

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When it comes to what people want, our research tells us they [customers] are demanding three things from brands: “help me faster,” “know me better,” and “wow me everywhere.” Marketers who invest in these areas and create memorable experiences will win users’ hearts, minds, and ultimately, dollars.

SOURCE  |  THINK WITH GOOGLE - Calling all marketers: Insights that will shape your mobile strategy



There has been a massive shift from print advertising to digital. With so many people walking around with mobile phones, practically a pocket computer, there are a ton of ways to reach your target audience thru digital ads. For example:

  • Banner Ads at the header or footer of a popular 3rd party web page.

  • Pop Up Ads

  • Floater Ads

  • Social Media Ads (Organic & Paid)

  • Native Advertising

  • Mobile App Ads

  • Remarketing

LE30 can design and launch ads on your behalf giving you the time to focus on more important matters, the client.

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Email Marketing is a powerful form of communication and you don't want to be just another email on the ol' inbox.  You need your emails to ENGAGE the reader and create a call to action.

Send emails on...

  • Upcoming Events

  • Sales Promotions

  • New Product Release

  • Discount Offers

  • New Features 

  • Important Updates & News



LE30 Designs, LLC Web Design is run by the very talented and knowledge woman, Alicia Zamora. She is bringing my vision to light. With her creative ideas and expertise she deserves more than 5 stars. With patience, sincerity, and drive for excellence, she works tirelessly to create a unique spin to your new business’ website. I highly recommend working with LE30 Designs, LLC.



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