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Wix Website Review

Here's what's included in your Website Review from LE30:

  • Spelling & Grammar Check
  • Overall Design. Check entire design for good imagery, color scheme and appeal. 
  • Functionality Test. Your site gets put to the test. Buttons are checked for links.  See what's slowing up loading time and learn how you can correct those issues.
  • Flow Check.  User experience has never been more important.  Your site will be checked for its flow and ease of use.  Is it laid out properly and easy on the eyes?
  • SEO Check. How good is your SEO?  Receive tips on how to improve your SEO.

Wix Website Review

  • *This service can be turned around in as little as an hour, but up to 48 hours depending on availability.  A report is emailed to you with our feedback as well as pricing for any suggestive improvements to your site.

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